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The Sound of Truth

Nov 3, 2018

In Romans 7, the Apostle Paul gives us an intimate look into his own struggles and battles against sin. There are many who would, in looking at this passage today, still try to ignore their own sins. There are multiple false teachings today that speak of the perfection of the Christian - that the moment we're saved, we're also made perfect. That is and always has been a blatant lie. We will not be made perfect in Christ until we are glorified alongside Him in Heaven. While on this earth, the Christian struggles with sin.

In fact, we could think of the Christian life as a war between the Spirit and the Flesh. The flesh desires to sin, the spirit desires to obey and please God. Yet, despite calling it a war, the outcome is already assured for we know that in Christ we have victory. As the Old Hymn says, we have "Victory in Jesus."

Listen as we look into Romans 7 and find out what it means for us and our lives.