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The Sound of Truth

Jun 9, 2018

An old Hymn tells us that we must "Trust and Obey" the Lord, "for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey." That can be easier said than done. Trusting and obeying God isn't always easy. It can be really difficult. The things God asks us to do can be really hard.

Yet, the Word of God is replete with promise after promise that God is good, He can be trusted, and He should be obeyed.

This time, we will look to Exodus 3 to see Moses meeting God in the burning bush. It is here Moses receives his calling from the Lord, but it is also here that Moses learns to trust in God. Looking at these verses, we will also see a few reasons to trust in God and obey Him, going wherever He leads us in faith.